How did 5 Rights Consulting get its name?

My name is Rochelle Sorenson and I am a Registered Nurse (RN),
Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC) and owner of 5 Rights Consulting.

In the early stages of business planning I was brainstorming ideas for names and one session brought me back to nursing school. I thought about all the lessons I was taught and one in particular stuck out: the Five Rights of Medication Administration.

Still today it serves as a reminder to check that I have five critical elements correct before giving medications to my patients. They are the right:
1) patient, 2) drug, 3) dose, 4) time and 5) route. It is such a useful tool that I decided to incorporate the idea into my business name.

Before I take on any case I ask myself if I have the 5 RIGHTS of legal nurse consulting:

  1. Right Partnership?
    Am I choosing a partnership with an attorney, CLNC or company who shares my core values?
  2. Right Case?
    Does this case have merit? I can screen it to find out.
  3. Right Role?
    I am a CLNC, not a testifying expert. But as a CLNC I can locate experts.
  4. Right Side?
    Plaintiff or Defense? Do I believe in the theory on which we’re building this case?
  5. Right Service?
    Is the attorney aware of all the services I can provide?

The 5 RIGHTS can work for YOU as well.
Ask yourself if you have the 5 RIGHTS…

  1. Right Case?
    Don’t waste your time working on a case that isn’t meritorious.

    Hire a CLNC at 5 Rights Consulting to screen the case for you.
  2. Right Experts?
    Since CLNCs are nurses, we have unique connections to healthcare professionals.

    5 Rights Consulting can help you find the right experts on every case.
  3. Right Service?
    5 Rights Consulting provides services to assist you on all your medical cases, start to finish.
    What can we get started on for you today?
  4. Right CLNC?
    5 Rights consultants are certified through the Vickie Milazzo Institute™.

    We are experienced nursing professionals and our work product reflects this.
  5. Right Now!
    CONTACT 5 Rights Consulting today to find out how we can assist you on any case.