• To establish 5 Rights Consulting as a professional, successful & respected source for legal nurse consulting needs.
  • To show our clients the value of the services we provide by the quality of work we produce & the positive results gained from our consults.

Core Values

I am passionate about the core values I have chosen for my company. I live by these values and I urge all CLNCs that work with me to adhere by these values as well.


As a nurse I have seen many un-well people. I know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so I make it a priority to exercise regularly, be cognizant of my food choices & pursue hobbies outside of work. I know that only when I take care of myself, both body & mind, will I be able to take care of others.

Honesty & Integrity

Life is just plain easier when I’m honest with myself & with others. I vow to always speak the truth & say what I believe, not what I think others want to hear. I will do the right thing always, not only when someone else is watching.

Professionalism and Respect

I take my education, experience & my work seriously.  I am a professional & I will conduct my business as such. I strive for perfection, but at the very least I will give 100% on every case. I am confident in my abilities & my work product reflects this.


I will have open lines of communication with all my clients. I will be approachable and available to my clients. I will listen to any questions, comments or concerns & respond it a timely manner.


I dedicate myself to being a lifetime learner. I know there is always room for improvement so I will seize any opportunity to expand my experience and knowledge.